IP Camera and NVR

We have recently upgraded a number of service stations’ CCTV Systems to IP technology Solutions. We have also been able to assist with budgeting for the future of the systems providing true ‘Hybrid Solutions which target those Higher Risk areas such as forecourts and cash handling area with HD 1080P cameras whilst maintaining (for the time being) some analogue cameras in lower risk or general surveillance areas.

Gate Door Automation

New Zealand education facilities are well known for their Multi – Building layouts over large areas which traditionally made it extremely difficult to deploy an analogue CCTV Solution. With the advent of IP and Mega Pixel/HD technology, together with advanced video compression techniques, we can now comfortably incorporate IP based CCTV in to any education environment. The added advantage of high bandwidth fibre backbones, large numbers of low bandwidth IP cameras can be deployed around education facilities.

IP Technology in Retail

Some of our larger retail stores are now upgrading their analogue CCTV Solutions either to Full IP systems or (where there is already significant investment in analogue cameras) to true ‘Hybrid’ analogue /IP solutions. In one such case we transferred more than fifty analogue cameras from one site to the customer’s new development and enhanced the solution with ‘Hybrid’ recording and 1080P Full High Definition (HD) camera in those Higher Risk areas. We also future proofed the system be utilising CAT5E, CAT6 and Fibre for video transmission which will allow migration over to a fully integrated IP system in the future.

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